установка со2 экстракции, оборудование со2 экстракции

(79058) Ukraine, Lviv, vul. Zamarstynivs'ka, 41.
Tel. (0322) 52-44-58; fax (032) 297-05-43
E-mail: texarm@utel.net.ua


About the company:


  Development and production  valves  to  food, corrosive environments, gas and petroleum products from structural and stainless steel,

to control  and automation devices  and chemical technology equipment.



faucet  disc  stainless                                               DN 15...20,     PN 16.

Disc valves flanged stainless                                                  DN 25…80,     PN 16.

faucet  disc stainless for manometr                                                               PN 16.

faucet disc coupling (choke) stainless                                   DN 6 … 15,     PN 100.

Disc valves flanged stainless                                                  DN 25…50,     PN 100.

 faucet disc stainless for manometr                                                               PN 100.

Ball valves flanged BV FL

Steel flanged ball valves                                                          DN  32...  80,   PN 16.

Stainless steel flanged ball valves                                            DN  32...  80,   PN 16.

Ball stainless fitting valves                                             DN 10 … 20,   PN 100...600.


Ball valves welded BV TS

Welded ball valves                                                                   DN  25...  125 PN 16; PN 25.


Electro - isolated pipe connections 

IPC DN 10...15, PN 100   


Cork ball

CB DN 32...1


  Ventil DN 4, 6, 10, 20 PN 400


 CO 2 - Supercritical fluid extraction

equipment  VN 5, PN 800


Pressure reactor

PR VN20, PN 1000


High pressure plunger pumps for liquefied gases

HPPPСО2 - 600.2



Our company was established in May 1993 . based on industry-science laboratory sealing problems HimNeftemasha With SSR straight and the Lviv Polytechnic Institute.
The company is engaged in serial production of small-sized industrial valves on own development. Our customers are companies of transport of oil and gas, heat , known enterprises in the food and chemical industries throughout Ukraine.
Products of our company has no analogues in the world, as evidenced by
patents for inventions in Ukraine and Russia.
 Produced in series valves DN 15 - 125 PN 16 and valves DN 6-50 for 6 to PN 600 with manual operation.
We are in constant control of the quality of parts and components at all stages of production and release each
faucet on the market only after the  testing.
High tightness and reliable, compact, easy installation and operation, as well as the competitive price of our faucets have become the main criteria for choosing our company as a partner of the largest enterprises of Ukraine:


  • УМН «Дружба»,

  • НПК «Южный»,

  • ДК «Укртрансгаз»,

  • ДК «Укргазвидобування»,

  • ЗАО «Артемида»,

  • Компания «Союз-Виктан»,

  • ЗАО «Шустовспирт»,

  • НПП «Гетьман»,


and many others.