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High pressure plunger pumps for liquefied gases

(carbon dioxide, propane, nitrous ).



  For the pumping of high pressure  liquefied gas is preferably used a plunger type"s pump, because they better meet the requirements for handling flow, creating high pressures and volumetric flow constancy.

   Construction of the pump  for  high pressure liquefied gases have the special requirements.

As the liquefied gas compared with water , have a considerably higher  elasticity , a good volumetric efficiency when pumping liquefied gases is possible only if  take place minimum volume of harmful constructive space .Heat produced by the compression and friction leads to an increase in temperature of the liquefied gas, what may lead for the phase transitions of liquefied natural gas. That accompanied by abrupt changes in the density and compressibility and a corresponding drop in the maximum attainable pressure and performance. 

To prevent a temperature rise, pumps designed for pumping high pressure liquefied gas supplied  cooling jackets for the plunger assembly , and the operating and running at low speed. Along with the technological requirements are also requirements of increased fatigue resistance of structural elements of the pump , as well as smooth , without the effects of cavitation of the pump at the general high efficiency pump. Specific requirements are put to the geometry of the flow and to the integrity of the suction and discharge valves . Due to the low lubricity and cooling capacity of liquefied gases originated and was successfully solved the problem of dry friction plunger cuffs. Another problem was the point (" ulcer ") cavitation wear in the hostile environment of working surfaces of the plunger and the plunger chamber in the area of ​​maximum pressure. This problem was resolved by the application of diffusion - coated on the details of the plunger assembly and valves, metal-ceramics composites, based on vanadium carbide , chromium carbide , tungsten carbide.


                         Our specialists developed and mastered the pump with pressurized liquefied gas to 1000 bar.





Type: single piston

Maximum  pressure: 800 bar (80 MPa)

Rated capacity: 2 liters / minute

Modes of operation: maintaining a constant pressure gas supply of CO2 in the liquid phase

Drive Type: VFD

Drive rating: 5 KW


Our company is ready to develop and manufacture  high-pressure pump for liquefied gases with the desired characteristics.

 CAUTION: To develop the pump with the specified characteristics needed comprehensive information about the process / system for which / where is the pump.